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November 24, 2015, Cantabria, Spain |

OFITECO will execute the works for Ebro’s dam Emergency plan in Cantabria (Spain)

Works include the actions designed to face eventual emergencies in Campoo-Los Valles (Cantabria) and Las Merindades (Burgos) regions.

Ubicación de la Sirena nº1

OFITECO starts the works for the preventive and adaptation measures implementation of the current infrastructures so that they are in accordance to the Technical Guide for the Elaboration of Emergency Plans in Dams, developed by the Ministry of Environment. The following components are included: emergency room, communication systems, alarm systems, control centre, supporting infrastructure, and auxiliary installations.

OFITECO is a reasonably developed company in terms of Dams Security and Hydraulic Works and especially for  Emergency plans drafting and implementation. This practise is continued thanks to other works and services related to dams such as:

  • Safety review and risk analysis.
  • Auscultation systems supplying and installation.
  • Structural behaviour analysis.
  • Dams maintenance and operation.

This new awarding, under joint venture, endorses OFITECO and expands its large experience as provider of services related to hydraulic works.