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Comprehensive Dam Monitoring

Comprehensive Dam Surveillance

OFITECO´s comprehensive dam monitoring and surveillance solutions cover all services in order to guarantee that:

  • Most important variables of dam behaviour are monitored.
  • Monitoring systems work properly in both the present and future.
  • Sensors provide representative and robust data with required precision.
  • All data is immediately accessible and updated.
  • Dam behaviour is understood and anomalies detected.
  • Data is used for dam safety management.

Review and Maintenance

Review: OFITECO carries out detailed functional analysis of all elements of the monitoring system like sensors, automation and communication systems, including calibration and configuration.

Maintenance: Corrective and preventive maintenance works are realized on a periodical basis. Assessment for improving data precision and extending sensor useful life.

Design and Implementation of Monitoring Systems

A complete consultation and advisory service throughout the entire implementation is made.

Prior Studies: Defining monitoring requirements from the Dam Safety point of view.

Design: Pool the various fields involved, ranging from civil engineering to geotechnics and including mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering.

Installation: Procurement, supervision and control of all installation on site, calibration, configuration and start-up tasks for all the elements in the monitoring system.

Web based Data Management

Integration of monitoring data in the Dam Safety Program of the dam owner in real time.

Services include implementation, configuration and maintenance of the comprehensive data management software DAMDATA.

This web based solution covers the whole life cycle of monitoring data, including, data acquisition, storage, alert manager, evaluation tools and report generator.

Data Evaluation and Safety Assessment

Interpretation: Carrying out a follow-up of dam behaviour, is essential to guarantee its safety, reduce risks and be able to anticipate any possible problems. The objective is to determine the safety level of dams, turning monitoring data into useful information and complementing this with past performance and visual inspections.

Visual Inspection: Data is verified in the field and complemented with observations that are not registered with the monitoring system. Visual inspections are used to achieve a global view of dam behaviour and to interpret monitoring data the right way.


Theoretical Training: OFITECO’s services are based in a deep knowledge of the underlying engineering principles. OFITECO provides dam operators with training in design, operation and optimisation techniques.

Practical Training: Throughout all the installation, configuration, calibration and/or start-up works of the monitoring systems which OFITECO implements, there is ongoing training for all the personnel responsible for the system, with the goal of answering any practical questions that may arise at any phase.