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DAMDATA web application screenDamdata is a web application that processes dam monitoring data.

It provides all the necessary tools for appropriate implementation and tracking of a co-ordinated plan that entails monitoring and periodic inspections, and meets user requirements and applicable dam safety regulations.
Damdata is ideal for any public or private organisation that owns a dam (river basin authorities, hydropower companies, water supply corporations, irrigation authorities, etc). It is also suitable for companies that operate or maintain dams.

It runs in a computer browser and requires no installation. Users can access the program by entering their username and password on any computer connected to the internet.

The data is stored in a database on a remote and secure server. You do not require a setup or IT personnel.

  • There is no need to worry about upgrades because you will always be using the latest version and regular backups take place automatically.
  • Payment is monthly. There is no investment and you pay only for the modules you need.
  • We have packages combined with engineering services such as manual readings and maintenance of the instruments, safety inspections, monitoring reports and diagnosis of dam beaviour.

Some of DAMDATA advantages include:

  • Acquisition and real-time processing of automated data.
  • Planning and tracking of manual readings and maintenance. Calendar of readings.
  • With assignment of personnel and related resources.
  • Direct input of manual readings by importing files or using a PDA.
  • SCADA display: view of the instruments and its readings, superimposed on the dam drawings.
  • Immediate graphic display of changes in values against time.
  • Custom settings for graphs with multiple variables.
  • Custom report formats.
  • Alert and warning manager.
  • Analysis and behaviour package - Statistics Module.
  • Transparent and programmable calculation engine.