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Safety reviews and inspections

Dams operators must carry out maintenance activities and establish procedures in order to keep dams’ information in a structured way and safety conditions under control. To help this objective, OFITECO can carry out safety inspections to verify if the requirements are met. Annual Safety Reports are a good tool to manage dam safety, as well as others reports, designs and works that can be easily identified during the development of these inspections.

Annual reports include an in depth description of dams’ behaviour considering external factors (weather, reservoir's level, etc.) and information provided by monitoring instruments. Furthermore, a complete review of dam's conditions, operation procedures and maintenance works is carried out. 

Regular inspections include a review of dam documents, mechanical elements and equipment. Finally, recommendations based on inspections results are made to correct inadequacies.  The most common repairs usually include waterproofing, stabilizing, equipment and structural health.

These works and reports can be modified depending on conditions and needs.