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Hydro-meteorological networks

OFITECO provides hydrometeorological forecast services, specifically targeted to the prognosis of stream flow and expected volume of water in points of interest, such as hydroelectric dams, water supply dams or irrigation dams, areas at risk of flooding, etc.

Hydrometeorological forecasting service includes the following variables:

  • Stream flow / volume.
  • Precipitation (rain and snow), with probabilistic or deterministic forecasts.
  • Volume stored in the form of snow in the watershed.

Offered forecasts have the following characteristics:

  • Forecasts to 3-9 days.
  • Temporary interval of 1 hour.
  • Probable forecasts with confidence interval.
  • Delivering forecasts completely adaptable to the needs and means of the client (data format, medium and frequency of delivery, etc.)
  • Sending alerts by e-mail or SMS configurable and adaptable to the customer.