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To achieve monitoring’s objectives a comprehensive information management system must be implemented, in order to ensure, at all times, the availability of valid information needed to evaluate the performance of the works and its adjustment to the design expectations.

OFITECO’s database solution TUNNELDATA is a cutting-edge web application designed especially for managing monitoring data of underground Works. It includes all features needed for underground works monitoring

  • Implementation of engineering knowledge, finetuned during numerous projects
  • Cloudbased web tool, high availability from any device
  • Easy scalability and adaptability
  • Broad connectivity, with drivers and protocols for any commercial manufacturer


Remote data management for underground works monitoring: TUNNELDATA Real-Time web service highlights:

  • User-friendly graphical GIS interface
  • Acquisition and real-time processing of automated monitoring data
  • Incorporation of manual readings
  • Planning and tracking of manual readings and maintenance. Assignment of personnel and resources
  • SCADA display
  • Graphs, tables, images and reports
  • Alert and warning manager, with definition of thresholds
  • Programmable calculation engine
  • Data reduction and correction of complex sensors
  • Progress of works module. Allows the monitoring of the works from the application for tunnels and stations, including TBM, C&C, conventional, excavation, etc.
  • TBM real-time information and operation parameters
  • Online file manager


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