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R & D

Since its founding, OFITECO's innovative vocation has led it into the field of design and fabrication of sensors and equipment for the instrumentation and acquisition of information. In the past several years, OFITECO has undergone its own fabrication, leading to a philosophy of system integration, permanently innovative, which shows its zeal for improving products and services and this way, the applications and techniques that they employ have become in one of the OFITECO's main differentiated ways.

Strategic lines of research:

The main challenge of the R & D in OFITECO and its management units, is the investment in new research, development and technological innovation projects, to guarantee the continuous improvement of the consulting services offered, and to fulfil the expectations of clients and other stakeholders. For this purpose, OFITECO has several strategic lines of research, namely:

  • New Structural Health Monitoring Techniques Integrated with BIM
  • New Risk Analysis Techniques for Critical Infrastructures
  • Neuronal Networks applied to Dam Safety
  • Early Warning Systems and Decision Support Systems
  • Climate Change 

Challenges-Partnership - MICIU | Safety reviews and inspections

PABLO: Slab shape wedge spillway prototype

The main objective of the Project is to set the necessary prescriptions and criteria for the design and dimensioning, works execution and protections or spillways monitoring, made of slab shape wedge.

CCDamDATA | Comprehensive Dam Monitoring, DAMDATA

CCDamDATA. An Innovative tool which supports the comprehensive management of dams and reservoirs security adapted to climate change

CCDamDATA project: optimization of the monitoring data interpretation, thus anticipating to risk management and extending the action leeway.

BIM solution for dam monitoring services | Safety reviews and inspections, Comprehensive Dam Monitoring, DAMDATA, Hydroelectric power stations


BIM is successfully being adopted throughout the construction industry worldwide and is becoming an international standard. It creates added value and synergies by linking different kinds of data to 3D models.

Development of a dam management program based on risk analysis | Safety reviews and inspections, Maintenance and Conservation, Risk Analysis, Hydroelectric power stations


This project has developed a dam management program based on risk analysis for 27 dams of a Basin, including the definition, evaluation and prioritization of safety measures.


TUNNELDATA: Integrated monitoring data management system for underground works, focused on urban environments. | Underground Works, TUNNELDATA


The objective of the TUNNELDATA project is the development of an innovative integrated data management system (acquisition, storage, control and visualisation) for the monitoring of underground works and their urban surroundings.

Development of Tools for the Analysis of Stability on Slopes with Potential Risk to Critical Infrastructures. XLIDE | Transport

Development of Tools for the Analysis of Stability on Slopes with Potential Risk to Critical Infrastructures. XLIDE

The objective of the XLIDE project is the development of an innovative tool which can analyse and control the safety level of critical infrastructures vis-à-vis the stability of slopes in the surrounding area.

Retos-Colaboración - MINECO | Hydro-meteorological networks

BATT-Ex- Development of a battery useful life extensor for autonomic systems fed by solar panels

BATT-Ex aims to design a new Data Storage Auxiliary System, which is based on LiOn or supercapacitors, that reduces by at least 50% the batteries replaced in remote locations during the useful life of the installation.