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CCDamDATA. An Innovative tool which supports the comprehensive management of dams and reservoirs security adapted to climate change


CCDamDATA project: optimization of the monitoring data interpretation, thus anticipating to risk management and extending the action leeway.


The main objective of this tool is to optimize the interpretation of monitoring data, allowing to anticipate risk management by early detection of a flash flood scenario, thus expanding the scope of action, but also offering different procedure alternatives of reservoirs, from dam safety, thus ensuring to take actions in a more efficient and timely way.

Through the application of advanced statistical downscaling methods, the objective is to achieve the resilience of dam-reservoir systems in advance of the future impacts of climate change.

These techniques are based on projecting in an accurate way the available information related to climate change, in a large scale on a regional level, getting a meteorological input which allows analyzing the floods in the Climate Change (CC) scenario related to the current avenues considered, facing the evolution of the reservoir operation criteria.




This project is co-funded with FEDER funds and with the Technical and Industrial Development Center (CDTI). (Exp IDI-20171050).


Period: 2017-2019