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August 04, 2017, Zaragoza, Spain |

OFITECO will prepare the annual safety and monitoring reviews of the dams belonging to the Ebro River Basin Authority

As a company specialised in inspection, safety reviews and monitoring reports of dams, OFITECO will carry out the safety assessment of 50 dams located in the 8 provinces covering the Ebro river basin.

Ebro Dam

During the hydrological year 2016 -2017, OFITECO will be in charge of the preparation of dam safety and monitoring reports, for 50 large dams of the Ebro River Basin Authority.

These works include many different types of dams, such as gravity dams, arch gravity dams, arch dams, and homogenous and heterogeneous embankment dams.

The scope of the activities to be carried out comprises two different fields; the evaluation and analysis of dam behaviour and safety assessment and the maintenance of an IT management application. These activities involve the control and review of the monitoring parameters. They also include the inspection of dam’s electro-mechanical equipment and the preparation of inspection reports. Within the framework of the contract it is foreseen to develop a software application for the management of the Dam Maintenance Plan.
Una presa y sus inmediaciones

With this award of contract, OFITECO continues with the dam safety assessment for one of the most important River Basin Authorities in Spain. Starting in the year 2007 with the elaboration of the initial safety reports of the dams owned by the Ebro River Basin Authority, a total of 400 annual safety reports and 25 extraordinary reports have been prepared.

This contract underlines the experience of OFITECO in the field of dam safety assessment and surveillance, which can be added to other Public River Basin Authorities (Duero, Tagus, Guadiana, Guadalquivir, etc.), as well as several other private and public dam owners in Spain and other countries.

This distinguishes OFITECO as a leader in the field of dam safety assessment and surveillance.