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Design and creation of a management and analysis system of hydrological information from the ROEA (Official Network of Gauging Stations), (Spain)

Directorate General of Water (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment)



Producing the complete design for the implementation and commissioning of a system to collate all the information related to water measurements (levels, flow rates and direct flow) into a single database with modular architecture. It would provide solutions for various hydrometry aspects (digitisation of limnigrams, import of historic archives, water measurement management, use curves, series validation) performed by catchment area authorities.

The system will be installed in the Miño-Sil, Bay of Biscay, Duero, Tagus, Guadiana, Segura, Júcar and Ebro Catchment Area Authorities. This system will be configurable so that data can be added in the future on stations in the SAIH (Automatic Hydrological Information System) and the SAICA (Automatic Water Quality System).



The works to be performed are considered as grouped into the following seven blocks:

  1. Communication services to learn the details of the starting situation of each catchment area authority.
  2. Acquiring, installing and commissioning new software for the overall management platform of hydrological information.
  3. Platform configuration tasks.
  4. Information migration tasks from former formats/systems to the newly configured platform.
  5. Configurations aimed at automatic system import/export/operation tasks.
  6. Development of a central consultation platform, of catchment area authority data, by the Directorate General of Water.
  7. Definitive commissioning and training in the use of the system.