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Diagnosis and analysis of the security instrumentation for dams in Miel I, Jaguas, San Carlos and Calderas hydroelectric power plants (Colombia)




  • Visual inspection of civil work in Miel I, Jaguas, San Carlos and Calderas power plants.
  • Inspection and evaluation of the instrumentation physically installed and operational status in the different dams that feed the Miel I, Jaguas, San Carlos y Calderas hydroelectric power plants.
  • Test runs to diagnose the current status of the electronic auscultation measurement equipment.
  • Draft an equipment status report and proposal for improvements.
  • Evaluate the measurements and readings of the auscultation equipment installed.
  • Execute the evaluation and interpretation of reading results made in the dam until the year 2012.



 The importance of the auscultation, surveillance and visual inspections is clear, as long as they are understood as a set of works whose objective and responses indicate the dam-reservoir system status and behaviour, after analysing the external variable impact on the internal conditions of the dam’s infrastructure. The methodology adopted for the consultancy work is grouped in the following tasks:

  • The technical team in charge of making the report visits the dam in order to monitor it.
  • Implementation of instrumentation and annex equipment test runs.
  • Technical file revision, with emphasis on documents related to the dam security.
  • Collection of data obtained in different reading campaigns for external and control variables.
  • Data management, review and cleaning, including the introduction to informatics system reading and the collection of relevant engineering values.
  • Controlled variables analysis and study.
  • Development of specialised maps and graphics to interpret the infrastructure behaviour.
  • Report writing with conclusions and recommendations concerning the dam’s responses and behaviour.