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Field measurement for works of Line 2 - Malaga underground. Heroes de Sostosa - Martin Carpena (Spain)

Metro de Malaga

Metro de Málaga

Due to the works carried out in the Line 2 of the Malaga underground (specifically between Héroe de Sostoa and Martín
Carpena), the UTE METRO DE MALAGA requested OFITECO to perform monitoring tasks in this section.
For this purpose, OFITECO installed several instrumentation devices in the works site aimed at controlling these
• Movements in the ground and buildings next to the works site.
• Tunnel lining behaviour: relative movements.
• Cut-off walls behaviour: movement and stress.
• Changes in the water table next to the cut-off walls area.

• Drawing up of a specific monitoring and control plan for this project.
• Installation of the instrumentation devices listed in the monitoring plan, which includes:
‐ Tell-tale extensometers on the ground.
‐ Level gauges in the facade of the buildings close to the works site.
‐ Settlement platforms.
‐ Collapse targets.
‐ Rods extensometers.
‐ Vibrating wire extensometers.
‐ Deformeter basis.
‐ Crackmeters.
‐ Inclinometers in cut-off walls and on the ground.
‐ Convergence bolts.
‐ Total pressure cells.
‐ Vibrating wire piezometers.
• Regular follow-up of the monitoring system installed, adapting its frequency to the control needs of the facilities at each time.
• Drawing up of the work’ss follow-up reports.

Metro Málaga