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Outline proposal of the design for the joint hydrological information communication system in the border section of the Tagus River Basin – Sicoinfronjo (Spain-Portugal)

Tagus River Basin Authority


The general purpose is to improve joint or coordinated communication systems to convey warning or emergency information, so that effects may be prevented or corrected, and appropriate decisions made, in compliance with article 11 of the agreement on cooperation for the protection and sustainable use of Spanish and Portuguese river basins, as well as article 8 of the directive establishing a framework for Community action concerning water policy (Water Framework Directive).
The specific objectives focus on defining the necessary works to produce a design defining the future information exchange network, the works and installations to be implemented, and the communications system and presentation in real time, based on the capture, transmission and processing of the values obtain, in both Spain and Portugal.
Another aim is to improve the management of the international section to prevent and correct warning or emergency situations and aid decision-making.