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Project review of Al Lith water pipe system from desalination plant of Al Lith to the reservoirs of Al Ghallah, Ghumaygah and Al Wasqah (Saudi Arabia)

EI Concorde Construction

Al Lith


Supervision of Al Lith water transmission system from Al Lith desalination plant to town of Al Ghallah, Ghumayqah y Al Wasqah.


The supervision is performed according to the Construction Works Tender Documents. This is an extremely detailed Tender Specification and high level of detail in the construction project is required.
The performed review is carried out over a total of 293 documents, including design, structural, hydraulic, electric, telecontrol criteria and more specifications related with the project, exhibits, plans and technical documents.

This project has several special specifications like thermal conditions of work, to up 50 oC of room temperature and the land crossed by the pipeline, mainly through the desert, so the excavation and backfill materials are mostly sand the peculiarities that entails.