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Oficina Técnica de Estudios y Control de Obras S. A. (OFITECO) was established in 1971 in Spain and over the past 47 years have been offering services ranged from engineering to consultancy.

OFITECO can be part of every area of a project:

  • Design (including feasibility studies).
  • Construction (works surveillance and/or monitoring).
  • Maintenance and Conservations

The main sectors in which OFITECO usually takes part in are:

  • Dams and reservoirs.
  • Tunnels and underground works.
  • Bridges and viaducts.
  • Transport infrastructures.
  • Hydro-meteorological networks.

OFITECO has broad experience in many countries, such as Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Poland, Georgia, Algeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  

Currently, OFITECO maintains branches in Peru (Lima), Colombia (Bogota) and Guatemala (Ciudad de Guatemala), and subsidiary companies in Qatar (Doha) and Algeria (Argel).