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Corporate Information

OFICINA TÉCNICA DE ESTUDIOS Y CONTROL DE OBRAS, S.A. (OFITECO) is a Spanish engineering company founded in 1971 and with permanent presence in Spain and Peru; and experience in other countries, including: Canada, Portugal, Poland, Georgia, Albania, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

OFITECO´s main lines of work are:

Dams and reservoirs, with dam monitoring, integral safety management, rehabilitation and risk analysis.

Flood protection, with design of protection infrastructures, emergency action plans and flood studies.

Hydro-meteorological networks providing integral monitoring or river basins in real time.

Urban water infrastructures, with design, operation and maintenance of facilities and services in the whole cycle.

Hydroelectric power stations, with design engineering and operation.

Transport infrastructures, with design of diverse linear projects, such as roads and highways, railways, high-speed rail and underground lines, as well as construction control, supervision and load tests.

Bridges and viaducts, with monitoring, inspections, loading tests, maintenance, studies and projects.

Tunnels, with inspection and instrumentation during both design and construction phases, monitoring and information management.

Besides, OFITECO has developed several software tools, such as TunnelData and DamData. They provide integral tools for the management of monitoring information in underground works and hydraulic infrastructure.


OFITECO delivers SERVICES during all life stages of these infrastructures: design, construction and operation.

During DESIGN, we carry out feasibility studies and detailed design.

During CONSTRUCTION, OFITECO delivers services in the monitoring and quality control of works, relying on our own test laboratories. OFITECO is highly specialised in theMONITORING, SURVEILLANCE and AUTOMATION of major infrastructure such as dams, tunnels and bridges.

During OPERATION, OFITECO develops flood routing studies and maintenance tasks in dams, hydrometeorological networks and canals. Moreover, we provide inspections and corrective actions in dams, tunnels and viaducts.

OFITECO has a multidisciplinary TEAM with wide experience and specialisation in their business areas, as well as a key partnerships with expert collaborators.