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August 05, 2022, Viator (Almería), Spain |

OFITECO and the General Directorate of Roads formalise the contract for the control and supervision of the remodelling works of the junction between the E-15/A-7 Mediterranean Motorway and the A-92 Motorway in Viator (Almeria).

The contract is worth 900,095.93 € (VAT excluded) and will be executed for a period of 39 months.

Project location

Currently, the connection between the A-7 and A-92 motorways is made by means of a diamond-type junction with a lower roundabout with an outer diameter of 116 m, which also receives traffic from the A-1000 road (North Access to Almeria) and the access road to the Legion Military Base.

Due to the high volume of traffic on this section of the A-7 and A-92 motorways, as well as the A-1000 road, situations of high congestion occur at peak hours, causing long delays, with the consequent detriment to drivers.

With the aim of solving the current problem, the project solution contemplates the construction of a new three-level junction, defining four new direct branches which will resolve the movements between the A-7 and A-92 motorways. It is also planned to double the carriageway on the A-1000 road, and to restore the access to the Legion Military Base and the service roads that will be affected by the works.

A total of eleven structures are planned: four overpasses on the branches of the new junction; an overpass over the A-7; another overpass at the access to the Legion Military Base; a subway for a road crossing Branch 2; and four vaults for transversal drainage. Four reinforced concrete gravity walls and a reinforced soil wall have also been defined.

The works to be carried out by OFITECO consist of:

  • General Technical Assistance to the Contract Management: provision of the necessary human and material resources to the Works Manager. Proposal of technical solutions to the problems encountered in the works, collaboration in the monitoring of compliance with environmental regulations, monitoring of compliance with the provisions in force regarding provisional signalling of the works, collaboration in the monitoring of compliance with health and safety measures at work, drafting of technical documents for the processing of modified, complementary, emergency actions, specific reports, etc.
  • Study and monitoring of the Contractor's Quality Assurance Plan and support to the Site Manager in the establishment of the quality management scheme, consisting of the contractor's PAC and subcontractors, as well as the supervision and monitoring documents and the establishment of external control.
  • On-site quality control: Monitoring of the contractor's qualitative controls, external quality control (qualitative) by means of contrast tests, geometric control, execution control and quantitative and complementary control of the work carried out.

This new contract gives continuity to other similar works carried out by OFITECO for the General Directorate of Roads and consolidates OFITECO as a reference company in the sector.