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Maintenance and Conservation


There is a need for the hydraulic heritage to preserve its conditions of use and safety to allow it to be used throughout its useful life by having the least incidences possible and fulfilling current legislation on Safety and Maintenance.

These requirements on functionality and legality make a series of jobs to be undertaken at a field and office level a priority, not only in civil works, but also in mechanical and auxiliary elements in the dam-reservoir group, which allow us to guarantee these demands for use and safety.

Main services

OFITECO is able to completely undertake maintenance and conservation tasks for a dam throughout its useful life, including the following main tasks:

  • Maintenance of the civil work, electromechanical elements, electrical installations and communications
  • Conservation operations
  • Inspection, monitoring and auscultation
  • Operating in normal conditions and special situations

Over the last 20 years we have maintained more than 50 large dams.

Maintenance and Conservation

OFITECO develops maintenance and conservation works in the following areas:

  • Pre-emptive: in order to ensure system functionality
  • Corrective: solving the incidents that happen
  • Predictive maintenance: implementation of an asset management program in order to estimate future issues

In general the following tasks are carried out:

  • Implementation of a preventative maintenance programme
  • Control of the state of the mechanisms and facilities
  • Periodic cleaning and maintenance of galleries, tunnels and operation chambers in the dam body
  • Periodic updating of asset inventory
  • Review of electrical installation and electromechanical equipment
  • Start up of the spillway gates and dam's inlets and outlets
  • Implementation of computer systems for Maintenance and Conservation Management
  • Control and surveillance tasks



OFITECO offers support to dam operators in different situations

  • Daily operations
  • Extraordinary situations
  • Emergency situations

This includes the implementation of safety standards like Operation Rules and Emergency Action Plans, as well as ensuring compliance with current legislation.


OFITECO also offers an added value to its dam Maintenance and Conservation services, with its vast experience in the analysis and study of safety and behaviour in dams:

  • Advice in complying with the current Regulations and Legislation
  • Review, drafting and implementing Exploitation Regulations and Emergency Plan
  • Maintenance and updating of the technical files of the dams
  • Drafting analysis reports on the behaviour and safety of dams