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Development of a national strategy against flooding (Algeria)

Ministry of Water Resources (Algeria)


Development of a study that defines the strategy to be followed in order to fight against flooding, specially: flooding risks management and prevention.

The objectives are divided into three blocks:

Identification, classification and presentation of areas with significant flooding risk

  • Data and background collection, inventory and classification.
  • Analysis and validation of the available information
  • Diagnosis of the current situation and the circumstances exposed to flooding.  The following works were accomplished, between others:
  • Field visits to heightened exposure areas.
  • Definition of the flooding typology according to its source.
  • Determination of priority action areas.

Proposal of an action plan with structural and non-structural measures in order to prevent flooding and mitigation of flooding risk

  • Preventive and protection actions facing events which cause flooding.
  • Evaluation, summary and comparison of the defined alternatives.
  • Timetable of actions setting.

Action protocol training facing events which cause flooding.