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Detailed desing for the High Speed Railway deck Madrid-Extremadura route. Section Caceres-Talayuela. Subsection: Grimaldo-Casas de Millan (Spain)

ADIF - Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias


The section covered by this project is 6,600 m long. The kilometre points at both ends of the layout (226+800 and 233+400 according to the information study) demarcate the Talayuela – Cáceres section of the HST that connects Madrid and Extremadura.

In the layout there is a tunnel (the Santa Marina tunnel) that is 3,595 m long. This structure has 215 m of cut-and-cover-type tunnel in the north mouth for the restoration of crossing water courses, and 60 m of cut-and-cover-type tunnel in the south mouth. The total length of the tunnel mining-type excavation is 3,320 m. This tunnel has two intermediate emergency egresses. There are also two viaducts on this railway section. One of them is 75 m long and is located in the north area, approximately at 0+215 kilometre point. It is called Viaducto del Arroyo Boquerón. In this case, a viaduct with a slab-type deck and three spans (20+30+25 m) is proposed as the best possible solution. There is another viaduct 90 m long in the south area, at approximately 5+560 kilometre point, called Viaducto del Arroyo Campillo. Also in this case, the chosen solution is a slab-type deck with four spans (20+25+25+20 m).

Both viaducts keep the permeability of the crossing paths in both areas.

The proposed layout comprises only two segments: a first counter-clockwise circular segment with a 6,400 radius, and a second clockwise circular segment with a 7,500 radius. In the elevation view of the layout we can appreciate three gradients: the Kv parameters are 38,000 m between the first and the second gradient, and 54,054.020 m between the second and the third gradient.

This project will require the restoration of a road that will involve the carriageway extension and pavement. This work will also include horizontal and vertical signs to guarantee the proper road safety conditions.