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May 14, 2021, Granada, Spain |

OFITECO begins works on the maintenance, conservation and operation of ten state-owned dams in the province of Granada

The General Water Authority and the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation have entrusted OFITECO, in a joint venture, with the execution of the work, which will be carried out over a period of 36 months.

Ubicación Presas Granada Ofiteco

The proper maintenance of dams is a key factor in their conservation and implies an increase in safety and their useful life. 

OFITECO, as a reference company in the sector, will put at the service of the works the high degree of specialisation of its personnel, and the availability of auxiliary means suitable in quality and technology.

The contract, which has a maximum term of 36 months and may be extended by mutual agreement for a further 24 months, covers maintenance and conservation, monitoring, inspection, surveillance and control of the following dams (10):

San Clemente, Portillo, La Bolera, Negratín, Francisco Abellán, Canales, Quéntar, Colomera, Cubillas and Bermejales, all located in the province of Granada.

Within the framework of this contract, the awarded companies will carry out three types of actions:

  • Group I activities, or support for operation in ordinary and/or extraordinary situations, as well as the revision of the state of the dam's constituent elements to ensure normal operating conditions and compliance with current regulations.
  • Group II activities, or the maintenance of the dam's constituent elements with quality levels as close as possible to the desirable ones.
  • Group III activities, or the attention to incidents or situations of an exceptional nature that compromise the safety of the dams, as well as the preparation of studies for improvements.

This new contract consolidates OFITECO as a leading company in the field of maintenance, conservation and operation of dams, and adds to the experience acquired in the Guadalquivir river basin since 1995.